Ecological Reward Pool
The total amount of ecological reward pool is 100 million SM

Referral Mining

Referraled friends participate in mining, and the smart contract of the ecological reward pool will automatically reward the recommender with a certain percentage of tokens.

How to upgrade the ecological level?

The rewards obtained by the above two recommendations are called "ecological income", and when the ecological income accumulate to a certain amount, higher ecological levels will be automatically unlocked.

Conditions required for ecological grade

LV1: your mining income reached 0 SM
Lv2: your mining income reached 10000 SM
LV3: your mining income reached 30000 SM
Lv4: your mining income reached 100000 SM
LV5: your mining income reached 200000 SM

Referral Mining Reward Rate

LV1: generation 1 3%, generation 2 0%
Lv2: generation 1 3%, generation 2 2%
LV3: generation 1 5%, generation 2 2%
Lv4: generation 1 7%, generation 2 2%
LV5: generation 1 10%, generation 2 2%

Referral relationship

Generation 1: Fill in your invitation code
Generation 2: Fill in the invitation code of your generation 1 friend
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