What is Super Minesweeper?

"Super Minesweeper" is a perfectly reproduced decentralized NFT+ P2E+DeFi minesweeper game. Users can play, make, store and trade scarce game maps.


What is SM?

SM is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. It is an important practical token and cryptocurrency in the ecosystem of Super Minesweeper, and it is also a token governed by Super Minesweeper.

What's the use of SM?

SM will be used for the generation of game map NFT in Super Minesweeper;
SM as a certificate of interest in mining;
SM holders can participate in the governance of the Super Minesweeper;

How do I get SM?

Purchase through the exchange designated on the website page of Super Minesweeper;
Create game map NFT to sell to earn SM;
Recommend users to obtain ecosystem rewards;

How to play?

How to make a game map in Super Minesweeper?

Click "Create NFT" in the "NFT/Mining" section, and you can lay out the mine as the pattern you want to create.

How long can inactive ideas remain?

Through the created game map, the inactive will be destroyed within 14 days;

How to produce the game map in "Super Minesweeper?

The game map is not randomly generated by the system. The player creates a unique game map, uploads the map parameters to the block chain to obtain NFT credentials, and the minesweeper starts by referring to the NFT parameters on the chain to obtain the game map.

What is the use of the game map created in Super Minesweeper?

The created game map NFT can be sold in the market to earn SM;
The created game map can be provided for players to play;
The created game map is unique and can be permanently stored on the block chain and stored in your wallet.