SM NFT is a Non-Fungible Token unique to Super Minesweeper, which can participate in mining and empower minesweeper games.

What is "NFT creative"?

"NFT creative" is the prototype of NFT created by users, not the real NFT. When creating NFT creatives, users can choose the size according to their own thoughts and place mines to draw unique patterns. "NFT creative" belongs to the data under the chain and can be sold or activated. The user's activation or purchase of creativity is actually a chain operation. A unique "NFT" can be generated by paying a certain amount of creativity fee, activation fee and miner fee ".

How to create "NFT creative"?

1、Click "Create NFT" to enter the page of drawing NFT creativity.

2、Select Width and Height.

Width and Height: minimum 9x9, maximum 30x30

3、Click on the grid to place mines and draw patterns.

The number of mines that can be placed is 10%-30% of the total number of grids. It is recommended to calculate the size and number of mines before drawing the pattern to avoid insufficient number of mines to complete the drawing.

4、Selling creatives.

After the sale is successful, you can activate or edit the price by yourself. Selling creatives needs to wait 10 minutes before it will be put on the market for sale.

What are the functions of NFT?

Gain from participating in mining

Staking NFT can participate in mining, according to the NFT hashrate to obtain the corresponding SM token revenue share.

How to stake NFT?

Select "NFT/Mining"-"Wallet"-"Approve NFT"-"Stake" (authorization is required for the first stake)

What is NFT hashrate?

NFT hashrate = (original hashrate + SM stake total quantity) *(100% + hashrate lucky rate).
Each NFT will bring its own original hashrate and hashrate lucky rate when activated. After NFT participates in mining, users can also atake SM tokens to the NFT to add additional hashrate to the NFT to obtain higher mining revenue.
The rate of original hashrate to activation fee to creative size is 1:1:1. When activating/purchasing a creative, the user will be required to destroy a certain amount of SM tokens as an activation fee, which is related to the size of the creative. For example, the creative size of NFT is 9 x9, the activation fee is 81 SM, and the original hashrate is 81.
Hashrate Lucky rate: NFT creativity will randomly assign additional bonus rate from 0%, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4% and 5% when activated as an NFT.
To sum up, if a 9x9 NFT creative is activated and the NFT randomly obtains a 5% lucky rate, 1000 SM tokens are stake to NFT after participating in mining. Then the NFT's current hashrate =(81+1000)*(100%+5%)= 1135.05.

Empowerment to the game for players to entertain.

The content of each game in the game section is NFT created and activated by users. The vivid and interesting patterns make the minesweeper game unique.