SM White Paper
Super Minesweeper
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Microsoft's Minesweeper game, TOM Games has teamed up with Minesweeper enthusiasts in Silicon Valley and Asia Pacific to create a Blockchain version of Super Minesweeper, aiming to allow global Minesweeper players to relive the classics and commemorate the lost youth.

1. Game and NFT

If you have played Minesweeper, you should be able to understand the following introduction:
The biggest difference between Super Minesweeper and Microsoft Minesweeper is that each map is created by the player, not randomly generated by the system. Players create a unique game map, upload the map parameters to the Blockchain to obtain NFT credentials, and obtain the game map by referring to the NFT parameters on the chain at the beginning of Minesweeper.
Although the map generation of Super Minesweeper seems unnecessary, its significance lies in the fact that the patterns displayed on the game map are no longer messy and disorderly, but are designed and created by players, perhaps a smiling face pattern, perhaps a blessing text, perhaps a logo, etc. We believe that pictographic game maps can not only be used for game recreation, but also bring more spiritual pleasure.
Making NFT requires destroying the corresponding SM token. NFT can be used for games and SM is awarded as a mining reward, so you can also use it as a mining machine and you can trade NFT freely.
There is no limit to the number of NFTs, but each pattern is unique, which doomed its scarcity. Players can keep it permanently on the Blockchain and store it in their wallets.

2. Background and Market

2.1 Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper is a puzzle game, originally created by Microsoft employee Curt Johnson. In 1992, it was first ported to Microsoft Windows 3.1 system by Robert Donner. Microsoft has more than 2 billion users in the world. According to relevant data, it is predicted that more than 1 billion users have known and played Minesweeper. Minesweeper is a household name, which shows that Minesweeper has an unparalleled community foundation.

2.2 NFT market

2021 is often referred to as the year of NFT. NFT sales reached US $2.5 billion in the first half alone, up 18348% from the same period in 2020. In February, a piece of virtual land from the game "AxieInfinity" was sold for the equivalent of $1.5 million. However, by August, there were more than 10 CryptoPunk with a price of more than US $0.1 billion. The entire market is in a sustained outbreak.
Another data shows that the age of Minesweeper users is mainly concentrated in the 70-90 s, which is highly coincident with the age of BTC-owned people. We believe that the combination of Minesweeper and Blockchain will produce explosive consensus power.

3. SM Token

3.1 Token introduction

The full name of SM is Super Minesweeper, which is developed based on the Binance Smart Chain, and the contract address is “0x119f095a45df2a77337042bcc4f2e52fA6e7e881“. Used for game governance and rewards given to game contributors. SM tokens used to generate NFT will be 100% destroyed.

3.2 Token distribution

Total 2 billion, 62% Mining Pool, 3% Airdrop, 5% Ecosystem&Reward Pool, 10% R&D and Marketing, 10% Liquidity Provision , 10% Strategic Cooperation.

4. Contract

4.1 Staking Mining

Starting from November 11, 2021, the trial excavation phase will be held in 2 seconds and 432,000 every day. On January 1, 2022,the official excavation will be started, with 1 mine per second and 864,000 every day. It will be halved once every 2 years until the excavation is completed for a total of 8 years.

4.2 Airdrop

A total of 60 million. According to the growth of users, different quantities of tokens are dropped at different stages. In order to protect the currency price, the airdrop tokens are locked for 6-36 months. At the same time, the malicious program application for airdrop will be rejected.

4.3 Destruction

The tokens consumed in making NFT are 100% destroyed.(Deflationary economic models)

4.4 Ecosystem&Reward Pool

A total of 0.1 billion. New users are recommended to receive airdrops successfully and a recommendation relationship will be established. When the recommended person makes NFT to destroy tokens and the recommended person digs the mining to extract the proceeds, the smart contract of the ecosystem reward pool will automatically reward the recommender with a certain percentage of tokens. Until all tokens in the ecosystem reward pool are awarded.

5. Vision

Because SM has more than 1 billion potential community members, we have to think of Dogecoin with 1 billion dog lovers. Therefore, the future trend of SM can refer to the historical process of Dogecoin.
The peak market value of the Dogcoin hit 100 billion USDT, and the target price of the SM coin can be assumed to be 100 billion USDT/2 billion = 50U.
The community will actively seek the support of Microsoft founder Bill Gates to mark the Dogecoin of Musk's support.

6. Conclusion

If you are a Minesweeper, it can bring you some memories. You can create some Minesweeper NFT and keep it in the Blockchain forever to commemorate the beauty of the past.
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